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“A totally engaging exploration of an important and sensitive environmental issue...alongside An Inconvenient Truth, makes a major contribution to the sustainability debate.”
- IVCA Clarion Award for Theatrical Films
“As upsetting as it is informative.”
- NEW YORK TIMES / Matt Zoller Seitz
“The flawless beauty of Novack's coverage of dynamited mountains, slurry pools and rapidly churned-out coal underscores the inexorability of the practice and the devastation in its wake.”
- VARIETY / Ronnie Scheib
“Such a rich sense of place that it rips you up in ways that other, less-rooted documentaries don't…I cannot recommend it too highly.”
-   NEW YORK MAGAZINE / David Edelstein

 “This compelling and timely film burns through the ‘clean coal' rhetoric of industry front groups, showing the harsh truth of the coal story...”
- SIERRA CLUB / Bruce Nilles, Director, National Coal Campaign

"A powerful and stirring account of the cultural and ecological impacts of an industry on its last legs - a testimony from the front-lines of resistance to coal."
- RAINFOREST ACTION NETWORK / Rebecca Tarbotton, Global Campaign Director
"This moving and disturbing story adds the human element to a sanitized political debate.  Burning the Future just might help us move politicians to solve global warming and our country's energy needs through clean power now.”
- CIVIL SOCIETY INSTITUTE / Pam Solo, Founder and President

“A sincere appeal to all who believe in cheap electricity to reexamine their habits and consider the underlying cost to human life.”
- HDFEST / Gerald Wright

 “If a documentary has the potential to save lives in the apparent absence of concerned and caring authorities, Burning The Future surely stands as an exemplary contribution to determined human advocacy.”
- / Prairie Miller

"Think your electricity usage doesn't matter?  Think again!  Watch Burning the Future.”